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In the last 20 years, electronic learning or e-learning has advanced rapidly. That's why we created our publication "Geschichte des E-Learning – von den ersten Lernmaschinen bis zu den aktuellen Szenarien der elektronischen Wissensvermittlung" to take a look at the development history of electronic learning.

The study was created as an attempt to outline the current e-learning landscape. In this environment, some highly different realities can be observed: the status as it is conveyed by the press, the localisation in university circles and – last but not least – the status that is a living reality in companies. With the help of various different interviews, we are hoping to be able to build one – or several – bridges. In the study, the e-learning landscape is reflected in a very differentiated way. In the academic field, MOOCs and collaborative learning worlds seem to be the central topics whilst in the practical operation, the focus is on the introduction of blended scenarios which also take mobile learning into consideration.

You can buy the printed study for a price of 99.00 Euros, or as a digital version for 79.00 Euros. If you are interested, contact us at info@fkc-online.de.

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